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Virág Judit: Be your own shaman
/2017.04.15. 11.00-13.00/

Be Your Own Shaman!
Heal Yourself and Others!
Discover how-to unlock your inner power and spirit wisdom with dance.
Powerful shaman choreography by Judit Virag

Violet Scrap: The Slytherin (OPEN)
/2017.04.15. 13.00-15.30/

Smoky, fluid, serpentine: the real peculiar characteristic of Tribal Fusion is the liquid feeling of the figure eights and mayas, and there's never enough knowledge of them. In this workshop we will review the basis and complicate them, simplify them, and use them creatively.

Violet Scrap: La Belle et la Bete (INTERMEDIATE)
/2017.04.16. 14.30-17.30/

Digging through the extremes of beauty (long lines, delicacy, control) and beastly (angled lines, aggression, instinct), on one side to get over commonplaces, on the other to extend the possibilities of the body. Final combo to complement the two sides of the coin.

Kira: A Stroll in the Carpathian Mountains
/2017.04.16. 11.00-14.00/

In this workshop we will teleport to such a wonderful place as Ukrainian Carpathians. This is a place of the striking beauty. This is my place of force, my inspiration, where I can take a rest and breath in the eternity.
It was in the Carpathian, where I understood the power of a waterfall, the vigor of a mountain river, the energy of stones, and transfer them to tribal movements, since every movement has its story.
I have prepared for you a choreo, that will be divided into two musical part: traditional one (uniting with the nature) and modern one (society).
With the traditional music we will work over the technic of the waterfall (when one move flows smoothly into another one) and the layering of some basic movements over the shimmy ( the breath of wind in mountains).
But we also live in the 21th century where there are robots, cars, skyscrapers and Internet. The world keeps on changing, so do we. So with the modern electro-folk music we will go through some fine tribal technique, locks and pauses in movements. In this part of the choreo I want to reflect the modern age and the relentlessness of the social world.
So in this workshop we will work through the entire stock of tribal movements and acting skills. With the help of the tribal vocabulary you will be able to create any stories and tell them to the world.
For this workshop you will need a yoga mat and a towel. It will be hot!

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